With over 21 years of architectural practice, Tim Schmitt, the owner of Studio 222 Architects has experience covering a variety of diverse and complex projects from mid to large size corporate office expansions and redevelopments to mid to large scale mixed use multi-family residential. This experience and breadth of real time project experience strengthens his ability to help clients maximize the potential for success on their projects.

Tim's responsibilities at Studio 222 Architects include oversight on the design and technical aspects of each project in the firm. His hands-on leadership style for both the client and the staff helps facilitate a collaborative working environment that strives to provide outstanding design and technical solutions for the client.





                Studio 222 Architects is exceptionally responsive to issues
            that come up in the field that require immediate attention.
        This responsiveness is what sets Studio 222 Architects apart
    from their competition and is a leading reason why we refer
them to our peers within the real estate industry.

Tim Anderson, President, Focus Development

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